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High School 
(9th-12th Grade)

Science Class

Private Christian School



Hours of Operation

The school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m.

 You are Welcome 
Parents are welcomed, and encouraged to visit at any time

to observe or participate in their child’s classroom activities.

Open Enrollment
New Beginnings Academy operates under an open enrollment policy.

(Students can enroll at any time of the year)

We welcome applications from all interested parties

without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin.


Transfer Students

 Students that are enrolling in grades 9-12 continue 

to be inspired to do their best in all academic & extracurricular activity.

Students Behind

Multiple Grade Levels  

  Students transferring from other schools that are behind 1 or more grade levels

can do additional work throughout the school year and summers

to advance to their correct grade level over a period of time,

allowing the student to advance their graduation date and

enroll in college in a timely manner.

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