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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Our Philosophy

is to allow students to be as creative and innovative as

possible, using their own natural curiosity as a springboard to

increase their knowledge of themselves and the world around them.


Our Desire

is to foster the love of learning through a succession of positive experiences, 

which will, in turn, create a productive individual with a positive and strong self-image.

Each student is viewed, not as a part of the group, but as a unique individual.


We believe

that every human being has strengths and weaknesses.

Along with their own special abilities.

When strengths are fostered, many times weaknesses are re-mediated in the process...

Thus building or repairing if need be, a strong self-image.

We believe that a strong self-concept is an intricate part of our development. 

When a person believes he/she can do it, any challenge can be met,

any obstacle can be overcome and any goal can be obtained.


New Beginnings Academy operates

under an open enrollment policy. We welcome applications from all interested parties without regard to race, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin.

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