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High School Curriculum

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Programs & Courses

  • Visual Art, Fine Arts, Public Art & Architecture

  • English 9-12, Communication Skills - 4 years

  • Health & Physical Education

  • Early Childhood Practicum 1-3

  • Mathematics (Consumer Math, Business Math, Algebra & Geometry) - 4 years

  • Science (Earth, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental) - 3 years

  • Social Studies (United States & World History) - 3 years

  • World Languages (Spanish 1-3) - 2 years 

       All courses offered at New Beginnings Academy are available to all students.

Independent Study

Independent study is designed to allow students to study in depth, advance levels, explore specific areas of interest and present a final project with detailed research under supervision and directed study by a faculty member.


Internship Program

The Internship Program invites students to explore interests, which can assist them in supporting or developing career goals and future directions.



The Work Study Program enables qualified students to gain valuable experience while managing academic studies and the responsibilities necessary to work at a job.


Marking System

The Marking System is a numerical scale, 0-100, for most classes. There are some classes which are Pass/Fail.

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