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Student Life

Smiling Student

At New Beginnings Academy:


God is Here

You Have it ALL

Everyone Knows Your Name

New Beginnings' academic progress begins at Kindergarten.

Many of our high school students have begun in the lower grade levels.

When younger students enter New Beginnings Academy, they become part of the family.

The older students now become mentors of the younger students.

For example, the school newspaper: 

The older students will interview the younger, as the younger will interview the old.

On certain day trips, the entire school population goes; the older caring for the younger.


Extracurricular activities, such as the arts, music, drama, etc.  

The students with similar talents & abilities are joined.

In plays, we have the older and younger students

acting together to simulate a family or a certain theme.

Remember, at New Beginnings Academy:


God is Here

You Have it All


Everyone Knows Your Name 


The secret of success at New Beginnings Academy is that we have fun -

Everyone is happy, all the time. New Beginnings Academy is one in a million!


Come Be Part of Our Happy Family!

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