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Our vision

Kids in Church

The Lord has given me a vision for a school that educates and ministers to children from all ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life. Our goal is a superior academic enrichment and a strong social, and emotional foundation, which will generate and instill spiritual and moral characteristics within each child.


Youth is the foundation of adulthood.

A well-built foundation must consist of superior academic teaching

and a mastery of basic skills using a variety of techniques, through all the modalities,

with an eclectic approach. At the same time a child's character must be built,

with emphasis on the social emotional and moral issue that occur daily.


Teaching and training the whole child is the only way

to bring a child to his or her fullest potential, which will lead

to a rich, productive, well rounded life.

Student Self Image

Our desire is to foster the love of learning through a succession of positive experiences

which will in turn create a productive individual with a positive and strong self image.

Each student is viewed, not as a part of the group, but as a unique individual.

Strengths & Weaknesses

We believe that every human being has strengths and weaknesses,

along with their own special abilities.


When strengths are fostered, many times weaknesses are remediated in the process,

thus building or repairing, a student's self image.


We believe that a strong self-concept is an integral part of our development.

When a person believes he/she can do it,

any challenge can be met, any obstacle can be overcome, & any goal can be attained.

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